Coffee botany 101

Great lecture on the SCA lectures podcast on coffee botany from Emma Sage.

Kenya Ken, Weithaga AA, Muranga, Kenya from Caffènation Speciality Coffee Roasters, Antwerp

Great coffee which was even three month after roasting still pretty crisp. Plum, hazelnut and a deep melancholie of black tea and whiskey.

German Penegos, Finca El Jordan, Columbia from taf, Athens

Melodic sweetness, fruity pleasure and yummi warmth. This coffee is like a trip to the candystore. No industrial candy. Craft candy. If this is a thing.

Idido, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia from Blommers, Nijmegen

A spontanious stop on the way from Brugges to Hamburg that costs us 2 hours of time and a 36€ speeding ticket (for beeing 4 km/h to fast). But totally worth it. Loaded a kilogram of best stuff from that dutch coffee shop and it did not only make me very happy. Sweet as honey, pretty balanced for a natural, smooth as an apricot juice and hints of black currant and caramel.

Shilichorr, Sidama (Espresso), Ethiopia from Hænowitz&Page, Basel

Dark heavy, nutty. Memories to this coffee’s taste fade away. But the purchasing experience at the roastery in Basel and the whole day there are still alive in my mind.

Gigesa Grande 1 Naural, Ethiopia from Colonna, Corsham

That is 1nice natural from Scotland with origins in the Guji Zone, Ethiopia. Just very light fermentation notes. But a powerful mouthful of sweetness, apricot, lime and caramel. Very taste, nicely balanced but with distinct characteristics.

La Esperanza, La Primavera, Colombia from Coaltown Coffee Roasters, Ammanford

Nomen est (a little) omen. Just a little to dark roasted coffee from a former coal producing town in Wales. Otherwise well balance…

Read more La Esperanza, La Primavera, Colombia from Coaltown Coffee Roasters, Ammanford

Santa Rita, El Salvador from Man versus Machine, Munich

A coffee full of toffee. Nom nom nom. But Santa Rita from Santa Ana delivers more than sweetness. Peach and grape fruitiness completes this one.

Matyatzo Espresso, Rwanda from Fjord, Berlin

Such a harmonic cup. Light, lime acidity with just a sparkle of almond and dark chocolate. Pretty fine in milk based beverages, too. 

 La flor del cafe, Cajamarca, Peru from Ernst Kaffeeröster, Cologne 

Kinder chocolate bars melting on my tongue. Some caramel dipped Oreos and a sprinkle of lime. Yummy and smooth. Heart warming, like a lovely summer day. 

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