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If you are out on a conference without fancy coffee catering you have the choice of either drinking bad coffee or brew your on stuff. (That’s what I do on all of my work trips.) And I’m not alone in this field. Known for that, Alex and me have been invited to set up a DIY coffee brewing station at the Open Educational Resources Festival (#OERde16) and it’s attached conference in Berlin.

Berlin, 1.3.2016 – OER-Fachforum und Preisverleihung zum OER-Award 2016. Das Foto steht unter der Lizenz CC BY 4.0 ( Als Urheber soll ' Thomas Trutschel, Photothek ' genannt werden.
Berlin, 1.3.2016 cc-by-4.0 Thomas Trutschel, Photothek.

Since the festival was all about learning, sharing and great resources, we not only provided participants with great coffee and showed them how to use proper equipment (also in traveling settings) but also shared experiences and recipes.

The whole event was only possible with great support by the fantastic roasters at quijote Kaffee, Playground Coffee Roasters, Black Delight, Nordcoast Coffee, Koppi via Stockholm Espresso Club, Torrefaktum, Neues Schwarz and The Barn. And by cafflano, Acaia and Hario which provided amazing equipment for that event.

Our coffee gets brewed and interviewed at #OERff16 #lifeisacactuscoffeehelps

Ein von @plastikstuhl gepostetes Foto am

And this is just one bag each from every coffee donator. #OERff16 #lifeisacactuscoffeehelps

Ein von @plastikstuhl gepostetes Foto am


It was quiet a lot of effort to travel to Berlin only to brew coffee, but it was totally worth it. Both for the fun of it and for getting people into good coffee. Such as Christian, who humbled us with his Tweet: “Thanks – the best coffee of my life.”

Amazing coffees on a beautiful scale. #oerde17 #oerff16 #lifeisacactuscoffeehelps

Ein von @plastikstuhl gepostetes Foto am



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