Geisha Trapiche Natural, Panama from Machhörndl, Nürnberg

  Such a nice juice. Such a well scented source of pleasure. Once every couple of month it’s really worth going the extra mile for a bag of Geisha coffee. And from the few Geishas I had so far none of them was a disappointment. … 12,60€ for 125g seems to be pretty expensive, and for sure it was the most pricey coffee I had this year, but it gets you about 10 cups of fantastic coffee. And if you’re not brewing yourself you can’t expect any good coffee for 1,30€. And in relation to liquor or other higher value beverages. That’s just a bargain.

Anyhow. This Geishas from Nürnberg got everything, it promised: floral, Jasmin nose, a Kir Royal like aftertaste (without it’s full sweetness) and an elegant balance between body, acidity and smooth fruity flavors. So good. See you again some day!


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