Hurray to the magnificent #thirdwavewichteln! Farewell, gorgeous Limoncillo from Coffee Proficiency, Krakow.

#thirdwavewichteln has been a blast again. I was participating for the third time and am as happy as could be about the whole experience and community behind the project. I fall in love with Yirgacheffes, when I got Kansas roasted coffee from Laura in 2013/14. I had a marvelous private coffee swap with Marlous after no wichtel coffee showed up in 2014/15 and had my first Geisha coffee experience. And in 2015/16 I received beautiful and delicious Nicaraguan Limoncillo beans that Krzysztof sent from Krakow (roasted by Coffee Proficiency).

Two weeks ago wichtel receivers from Hamburg got together to share and cup there coffees and once again, also this has been a great pleasure. So… thanks to Markus, André and Tho for making that coffee fairytale real again.

And thanks again to Krzysztof for that gigantic, well scented, beautiful beans with a blast of exotic fruits, cherry, almond and tobacco notes.


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