Mulish, Ethiopia (Espresso) from Hoppenworth & Ploch, Frankfurt

The color of a cup can influence the perceived taste of a coffee. And so does the packaging I guess. Cassis and plum where my first impressions. — It says blueberry and passionfruit on the bag, so I guess it was the other way around and the roasters choose their color probably after they cupped this juicy beans. However, cassis or blueberry, it’s a fruity, yummi, sweet well pleasing espresso and really charming on the tongue. … And this medium light roast does also work on filter. Actually I first thought I ordered filter coffees from Hoppenworth & Ploch. I just didn’t notice that every filter is also available as a espresso roast (which is the default from the menu on the website, I didn’t notice). And so I made a couple of V60s (which where good, but not great) before I noticed what I purchased. 


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