Sidamo Q (Filter), Ethiopia from Fjord, Berlin

Toffee sweet, juicy, melon and apricot powered, flower injected goodness. Balanced but full of character. Easy going but not boring. So different from the tangerine explosion of its espresso sibling. 

Morundo, Rwanda from Workshop Coffee

Clean cup, full rhytm, juicy balanced body. Fine components of apricot juice, jasmine tea, honey and a lot of goodness. Another really great Rwandan coffee, this time from Kivu Belt (Gihombo, Nyamasheke) region. Maybe a place to stop when I’ll be in Rwanda next winter.  

Windrush Espresso, Kenya from Fjord, Berlin

Oh my! That’s the most delicate espresso I was able to get out of my humble QuickMill since I started taking tasting notes here. Bursts of juicy currant, elder flower and hints of sweet plum. And a very gentle elegant apple cider acidity without any unpleasant sourness. Lovely.

Guji Highlands, Oromia, Shakisso, Ethiopia from Coutume, Paris

From Paris with love. Like an intimate drinkable bubble bath. Smooth tender lust and creamy vanilla, smashing jasmine power. Pure love. Too sad, it’s gone. 

Novo Canaã Obatã, Brazil from Five Elephant, Berlin

I just love well made naturals. This is definitely in the game. Second flush Darjeeling tea notes. A little banana bread flavor in the body. 

Sitio do Cruz, Brazil from Fjord, Berlin 

A little to much smoke and tobacco notes for my taste. Very little fermentation taste and smell for a natural. Pretty solid but nothing to remember for an eternity. 

Cheketa micro-lot, Oromia, Shakisso, Ethiopia from Coutume, Paris 

A coffee like breakfast in bed. Honey kisses grapefruit. A bite of croissant au beurre with some strawberry jam. Jelly beans blend with elegant pralines (what ever they do on a breakfast tray, but hey, if it’s breakfast in bed, it’s probably weekend. So why not. Damn, must be ages ago that I had breakfast in bed.).

Sidamo Q (Espresso), Ethiopia from Fjord, Berlin

Bam! Goes the tangerine granade. Some vanilla, some roasted hazelnut. But, Bam! a lot of tangerine. 

Geisha Jose Galardo, Panama from Machhörndl, Nürnberg

Very, very light, extremely soft. Fruity kumquat Jasmine, herbal and tobacco notes. 

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