Cheketa micro-lot, Oromia, Shakisso, Ethiopia from Coutume, Paris 

A coffee like breakfast in bed. Honey kisses grapefruit. A bite of croissant au beurre with some strawberry jam. Jelly beans blend with elegant pralines (what ever they do on a breakfast tray, but hey, if it’s breakfast in bed, it’s probably weekend. So why not. Damn, must be ages ago that I had breakfast in bed.).

Sidamo Q (Espresso), Ethiopia from Fjord, Berlin

Bam! Goes the tangerine granade. Some vanilla, some roasted hazelnut. But, Bam! a lot of tangerine. 

Geisha Jose Galardo, Panama from Machhörndl, Nürnberg

Very, very light, extremely soft. Fruity kumquat Jasmine, herbal and tobacco notes. 

Finca Bella Elizabeth, Guatemala from Coutume, Paris 

Escape rainy days with this sunny Parisian espresso from Coutume. Strawberry, apricot, dark chocolate. 

Fazenda Nossa Senhora de Fátima, Brazil (Espresso) from Green Cup Coffee, Passau

Nutty, chocolate powered, a little rusty, a little dusty. Very Italian style. Too dark for me. A night Espresso perfect as a digestive for a fatty feast in a little corner under the moon. 

Karimikui AA, Kenya from Roestbar, Münster

Ferrero Mon Cherie but in not-disgusting. Cherry, berry, chocolate. Sweetness and some toasted oak barrel aromas. I thing I got even more from it, when the bag was fresh but even after a month fully satisfying. 

Kamiro, Nyamagabe, Rwanda from Nero Scuro, San Giuseppe di Cassola

Excellent coffee, both as espresso and as a filter coffee. Very harmonic, easy going and pleasant. Soft peachy notes, very little but nice berry notes, some almond and just a great, gentle finish. 

El Rincon, Guatemala from Keen Coffee, Enkhuizen

Just a little smokey. Pretty smooth and softish. Little hints of apple and raspberry but over all more almondy/nutty without having the bitter-rusty characteristics of a darker roasted coffee. Nicer as it sounds here.  

Las Lajas, Costa Rica from Padre Coffee, Melbourne 

Rhubarb, peach. Handsome color, gentle touch. Very well balanced and with a juicy sweet finish. 

Kagumo Ini AB+, Kenya from Fjord, Berlin

Bitter-sweet symphony. Light but with power, fruity but with velocity and verve. I found it hard to deconstruct its flavors into seperate elements, but still liked its overall tones, scents and taste.

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