Chelchele, Ethiopia from Fjord, Berlin

Lemony freshness, with Raclette roughness … or well, maybe at least a little black teaish with some floral notes here and there. Not to sweet, not to crowdpleasing smooth, but rich in taste without being uber-complex. Pretty much everything I adore in a coffee, not over the top super-exciting. But damn good. 

Don Francisco “The Yellows”, Nicaragua from Horsham Coffee Roasters, Horsham

It melts like chocolate in the summer. Its soft, tender mouthfel comforts and pleases. Honeymelon, just a sprinkle of strawberry, caramell and stunning juicy sweetness. 


Karindundu AA, Kenya from Fjord, Berlin

Oaky tannins, almonds, cherry coke and rhubarb cake. Chimney feeling. Just a little too much wood shavings in the after taste, but not in a terrible way. This was my first purchase at Fjord and I’d shop this again. 

Warquee Lot #2, Kochere Ethiopia from Nero Scuro, San Giuseppe di Cassola

Stonefruit and apple powered juicy goodness with some non-sticky nougat roundness. Herbal fragrance and quiet sweetness. Warming, pleasing, layed back coffee experience. … One of many great recommendations from the discussions on the fantastic thirdwavewichteln facebook group.

Konga, Ethiopia from april coffee, Copenhagen

“No, I don’t have tea, but I can serve you a very tea-ish coffe!” … when Alex and me did our second DIY coffee booth at the educational congress “schulen. gestalten. zukunft.“ we had some non-coffee-drinking guests, who where really pleased with this Konga. And I as a coffee lover am also pretty much in love with this easy going, herbal coffee. Gets a little juicier on the AeroPress, but especially when freshly openend has been a real great filter experience.

El Angel: La Lecheria, Tarrazú, Costa Rica from Ritual, San Francisco

Pineapple meets candy cheery. Very well composed, condensed milky sweet and smooth cup. Some pecan hints. 

San Florencio, Guatemala from april coffee, Copenhagen 

Maybe not quiet Macadamia as stated on the bag but some creamy peanut butter, lime and orange notes. 

Crecencio, Honduras from Per Nordby, Gothenborg

Silky, milky, juicy. Soft, tender smooth mouth. Light hints of blueberry and vanilla, some almonds and some tangerine. Enjoyable but not overexciting.

Bifdu Gudina, Ethiopia from Vagabond, London

If you eat thinly sliced, well aged Comté cheese and it really melts on your tongue but you eat it with its rind it might compliments the cheese’s tendernes and sweetness with some rather tard and herbal flavors. That was my association with this coffee. It is fruity with some sweet nearly candy like cherries but also carries some tea notes. … When I received this bad I was quiet excited since I had really pleasent experiences with Bifdu Gudina before. And: I am really pleased about how this held up against my expectations.

Wahana Estate, Indonesia (omniblend) from Allpress, London

img_0086A can full of apricot, nectarine and blackberries. I enjoyed this omniblend much more as filter than as expresso.

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