Kamwangi PB, Kenya from Drop Coffee Roasters, Hägersten

Honey melon, plum and a little hazlenut sprinkle. Heart warming, like a good morning hug in the most beautiful place on earth. … Well maybe a little exaggerated. But like a hug in a regular bed, maybe. Sweet, a little thick on the tongue and full of harmony. 

Wote, Ethiopia from Weekenders Coffee, Kyoto

Oh, how I’ll miss, your tender kiss. The coffee is gone, but it’s not forgotten. Sweet strawberries, melting caramel fudge pudding. This Yirgacheffe was really a cutie pie. Soft and fine!

Kochere Filter, Ethiopia from Fjord, Berlin

A coffee without any worries and concerns.
Light hearted, easy going, gentle and fair,
like a soft stroke through the hair.
Honey, hazelnut, plum and peach.
Take me to tuscany or take me to the beach.

Baragwi, Kenya from April Coffee, Copenhagen

You gotta spend some time, love, with this coffee. Rather a stranger than a lover for the crowds but I dig it. Jasmine-rose floral notes, even some sage along with fruity peach-berry juice. 

El Morito, Guatemala from Coffee Proficiency, Krakow

Bitter-sweet like a forbidden love. Don’t put it away, but give it a chance. Black tea, mushroom and Tempranillo. It burstes of very strong, a little harsh scent and taste characteristics, but its so gentle and smooth at the touch of your mouth. 

Thanks to Lukasz who sent me this coffee as part of this year’s super fantastic #thirdwavecoffeewichteln … so much coffee love again. 

Funny side note: Last year I also received my wichtel coffee from coffee proficiency. Feels like a subscription. But what a great one!

Las Margaritas Yellow Burbon, Colombia from Friedhats, Amsterdam

It doestn’t fry my hat, but it’s a pretty solid coffee. Smooth but crisp, fruity but balanced. Some banana, some blossoms. A sprinkle of flavor love, but still well into the friendzone.  

Kenya West, Kenya from Playground Coffee, Hamburg

A little sandy, very herbal, some gooseberries. Pretty complexe and rich taste. Very creamy body and a little oregano and tannin on the finish.

Sasaba, Ethiopia from Bonanza Coffee Roasters, Berlin 

Blueberry flavored fruit bomb. Little fermentation notes, kinda liquorice, anise hints. Mouthful, fat body. Massive on AeroPress and Cafflano, still pretty powerful — and much more balanced — on V60.  

Sasaba, Ethiopia from Beyond Within Coffee Roasters, Budapest

Sweet, humble and very gentle coffee. Apricot, persipan, a little nutty/nougaty. Good holiday season companion.  

Chelchele, Ethiopia from Fjord, Berlin

Lemony freshness, with Raclette roughness … or well, maybe at least a little black teaish with some floral notes here and there. Not to sweet, not to crowdpleasing smooth, but rich in taste without being uber-complex. Pretty much everything I adore in a coffee, not over the top super-exciting. But damn good. 

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